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Creations By Tiffany

All about the Decoupage Letters

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All about the Decoupage Letters
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How I make them:

Making the Letters:


The letters are 9 inch wood letters painted white.  There are holes on the back of the letter so that you can hang them up on your child’s wall with a screw or nail.  They look great if you decide to stagger them!  They are a great piece of art for your child’s room!


For example:

When I created my daughter’s letters I used the colors from her bedspread to inspire me to pick out papers that would match.  My daughter was 2 when I created her letters and I used words and stickers that best described her.  I did not want her letters to be too childish or too old so I tried to make them so she would enjoy them when she was older too!  She loves seeing her name on her wall!

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