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Creations By Tiffany

Decoupage Picture Frames

New 6in white letters
Decoupage Picture Frames
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These frames that are shown are finished and are ready for purchase.  If you would like a custom made frame that you want to design with certain colors to match your child's decor please let me know in your order form.

All wood picture frames hold a 4x6 picture.  They stand on a peg and you can rotate the frame to fit the perfect picture!
These frames are open and do not have a glass front.  I have had a frame like this for 4 years and the photo is still great and I have never had any problems with the photo (because of the no glass). 
There is a cardboard backing that fits in the frame and you would put your picture in front and then clasp the back closed (like you do on traditional frames).


ITEM # 1 $4.50

These frames are an open frame that do not contain any glass or surface covering for the photograph. 


ITEM #2 $4.50


ITEM # 3  $4.50


ITEM #4 $4.50